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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

Live in the Green

5-Day NAPPI Train-the-Trainer STANDARD Certification Course

This certification course covers all of NAPPI’s Standard Training modules and the skills to teach those modules to fellow staff members.

Upon successful completion of the Five-Day course, you will be qualified to teach up to 16 hours of content to your staff. In addition to NAPPI Standard Instructor Certification, participants receive a Trainer Kit that includes an Instructor Manual and everything necessary for teaching the first class.

Days 1 and 2 cover NAPPI Fundamentals I and NAPPI Fundamentals II. On Day 3, participants are taught Principles of Adult Learning and how to apply them to NAPPI content to provide a basis for effective and relevant instruction techniques. On Days 4 and 5, Trainer Techniques are taught, including role-playing, and a NAPPI Master Trainer observes and reinforces skills. On Day 5, the Trainer Certification Test is administered.

Training Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cost: $1,500

To register by phone, please call 1.800.358.6277 Ext. 15.