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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

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Kurk Lalemand


In 1977, Kurk Lalemand founded NAPPI International and became highly regarded as one of the most effective leaders in his field. Over the course of his career, he trained more than 90,000 physicians, nurses, teachers, and corrections and law enforcement personnel in behavioral safety skills using an innovative curriculum he developed. An author and contributing author to dozens of training manuals, articles, and books, he invented the concept of "Generating Cooperation" as a means of defusing physical violence.  He is also the author of more than sixty different texts used by more than 300 organizations across North America. Kurk's vast experience includes working with staff from the following facilities: The University of Massachusetts Medical Center, the Pan American Health Organization (two of the finest forensic psychiatric hospitals in the world), Institute Philippe Pinel in Montreal, Central New York Psychiatric Center, University of Quebec, University of Iowa, the New York State Prison System, and the Community Mental Health Centers in Tennessee, Michigan, Vermont, and Maine. These are just a few among hundreds of others who have benefited from NAPPI Behavioral Safety Training. In addition to Kurk's training experience, he conducted scores of workshops including:  Assessment of Violence Potential, The Psychopathic Personality, Sexual Violence Perpetrators and Victims, Abnormal Psychology, Human Interaction, Negotiations, Adult Education, Experiential Learning, and Small Group Leadership. In 2005, instead of retiring, Kurk decided to open NEXT Level Business coaching and use his experience to help other Maine business owners manage and grow their companies. As an executive board member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance out of Canton, Ohio, he is connected to an international group of business coaches who collaborate on coaching tools, standards and continuous professional training. In 2009, he was selected as the "Coach of the Year" by that organization.  Kurt attended the University of Maine in Portland and graduated with dual majors in philosophy and psychology.