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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

Live in the Green

Train-the-Trainer - Advanced

On-site Trainings offer the Advanced Train-the-Trainer course with the option to customize the curriculum based on the specific challenges and issues you experience in your institution. When your staff has been trained in NAPPI Advanced Skills, they are prepared to meet the needs of your most difficult consumers. Our Advanced Verbal modules and Physical Restraint Techniques are simple, practical, highly effective, and cover the gamut of more challenging situations. Our Safe and Humane Physical Techniques have been independently evaluated and verified and have been approved in every state in which we have applied.

Together we will choose from among NAPPI's industry-leading verbal, self-protection, and physical skills modules to build an Advanced Course that meets your organization's unique behavioral training needs. Advanced NAPPI courses are taught by experienced NAPPI Master Trainers to educate and empower your staff to apply best practices of behavior management in their daily work while building a culture of cooperation and trust among themselves and with those they serve.