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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

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What We Do

The Original Verbal De-escalation, Self-Protection, and Restraint Training Company, since 1977

NAPPI has been training professionals in behavioral safety training since 1977. Throughout the industry, NAPPI stands out because of our highly specialized approach to crisis prevention. NAPPI’s Verbal De-escalation and Physical Restraint Techniques offer two very different responses to agitated, disruptive and dangerous behavior that nevertheless must both be thoroughly taught and made easily and quickly accessible to you. NAPPI’s certifications in Train-the-Trainer and Direct Training are designed to keep people safe. It’s what we do best, and our track record bears this out time and again.

NAPPI offers the majority of our training on-site. Working closely with you and your organization to customize NAPPI curriculum for your specific on-site needs translates into a cost-effective and robust training experience that truly meets the unique needs of your organization. NAPPI courses reflect cutting-edge clinical practices that are proven to work in diverse settings. We offer both Standard and Advanced Verbal and Physical Modules. NAPPI is a relationship company and together we will find a total solution that fulfills your crisis de-escalation training requirements.

We also offer 16 online modules. These courses represent our Standard Verbal Modules as well as Safety in the Community Courses and Self-Protection Techniques. Access and learn more Here. You will enjoy significant flexibility in customizing curriculum for the various departments and units within your organization. NAPPI strongly endorses, "Blended Learning" as the best educational approach for its products. This approach combines online delivery of educational content with the best features of classroom interaction and live instruction to personalize learning, allow thoughtful reflection, and customize instruction across a diverse group of learners.

Every training company will tell you the same thing about what they do. The difference with NAPPI is in the results: the organizations that train NAPPI report fewer and less violent episodes. That is a difference that counts. NAPPI’s Common Language® is at the root of this success. The ability to clearly and effectively communicate across-the-board is your vehicle for organization-wide culture change.