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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

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Case Workers and Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams

Case Workers and Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams

NAPPI trains those who provide services to clients in the community. There are certain unpredictable dangers associated with this unique work environment. The NAPPI Community Safety Training Program teaches community workers how to stay safe while providing the best possible outcome in all situations. This is accomplished by instructing General Awareness, Personal Safety, and Threat Assessment.

NAPPI provides comprehensive online e-training courses on Personal Safety in the Community & Predicting Violence and Threat Assessment. These courses have been approved by the NASW for four CEU credits!

Community Safety Training

This course is intended for all those individuals whose jobs take them out of the office into neighborhoods or buildings that may be unsafe for them or the people they serve. The course is designed specifically for Case Workers, Community Health Workers, Act Team Members and anyone who reaches out to consumers that reside in challenging neighborhoods. From pre-visit preparations to what you say and do while working in the community, NAPPI's awareness, assessment and response skills will keep you safe. Whether you are driving your own vehicle, riding in the subway, approaching and entering a housing unit or changing a tire in a rural setting, NAPPI has you covered in the safest possible way. We will also teach you skills to properly communicate with your supervisor as well as helpful tips on how to use technology to your advantage.

Our courses will teach you to:

  • Plan ahead for community visits.
  • Heighten your awareness while in the community.
  • Quickly and accurately assess your surroundings and the people around you using easy-to-remember NAPPI common language and behavior scales. 
  • De-escalate and respond safely to verbal or physical threats and dangerous behavior without under- or overreacting.

What others have said about our Community Safety Training:

"This the first training I have been to in all the years I have working as a social worker that I felt I learned new, pertinent information and enjoyed the time I spent in the class." Iyeisha Witherspoon, Program Supervisor for Blended Case Management SCO of Family Services, Brooklyn, NY

"This course will allow workers who are in the field to properly take care of themselves. The course was very informative and practical and related to the work I do." Dexter Clarke, Transition Coordinator, The Jewish Board of Family and Children's services, Riverdale, NY