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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

Live in the Green

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

NAPPI’s Guiding Principles are built upon a philosophy that values a humane approach to behavior management above all others. Our company holds to the belief of our founder, Kurk Lalemand, that behavioral training is most effective, when it keeps staff and clients safe while working towards a culture of cooperation. NAPPI’s principles are unique. They are clear and highly teachable. They reflect a deep understanding of human nature, particularly the universal desire of people to feel safe, to lead rich, satisfying lives and to feel valued in their communities.

The Lalemand Behavior Scale

All of us here at NAPPI—and our clients—know that it is possible to predict and redirect disruptive behaviors, in order to defuse a potentially violent incident. A core component of the NAPPI program is the Lalemand Behavior Scale, a practice-based tool that provides objective, easy-to-understand guidelines that enable staff to assess, discuss, and respond appropriately to challenging behaviors. NAPPI trainers are simply the best at teaching proven techniques to reduce the frequency and severity of unwanted behaviors.   NAPPI training provides clear guidelines at every step to move behavior management programs away from models based on control to a model based on cooperation and understanding. When a person is living in what we call 'Green', healing becomes possible.  Get an online intro to Lalemand Green and Red Scales through our online e-training program.

Prevention as the Ultimate Goal

Most practitioners in our field recognize that there is a definable moment when a person on the edge “crosses over” and events go awry. NAPPI helps your staff heighten their awareness around that moment with the goal of restraint avoidance using verbal de-escalation training. We teach techniques that are easily remembered and offer options to prevent behavior from escalating.  See our online e-training "De-Escalation" courses for a more in depth look at the NAPPI approach to verbal de-escalation training.

Superior Physical Skills

NAPPI was the first company in the U.S. to develop a non-abusive physical intervention program. We continue to lead the industry with superior self-protection and escape skills and restraint training designed for people who have an obligation to keep themselves and others safe without causing injury. Comprised of methods and moves that leverage each individual’s mechanics,  balance and instincts, NAPPI’s techniques provide a framework for safe and non-aggressive interaction.

Organizational Commitment

How does one begin to develop a culture of trust and partnership in what might be a contentious environment with clients who are suspicious and resistant to such care? NAPPI knows how. One might say it begins and ends with behaviorally trained staff who have the right behavioral “tools.” True. But first it begins with decision-makers who believe in empowering their staff with simple, easily learned skills that focus on the positive and ultimately lead to happier lives and a stronger, safer community in any setting.

The Cornerstone of NAPPI

Our number one goal is to avoid restraint whenever possible with no injuries to staff or clients.  In the unlikely event that a restraint is necessary, NAPPI’s spectrum of physical restraint training skills has been thoroughly evaluated and approved by industry experts ensuring its compliance, safety, and value as a humane and effective best practice.