Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training
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A Message from Our President

When an organization comes to realize they experience far too many behavioral incidents, they overuse restraint and seclusion, and the number of patient and staff injuries is unacceptable, they are ready to make positive change to shift the culture of their organization from one of control to one of communication and cooperation.

NAPPI is at the top of the field in preventing unwanted behavior in various settings. And the best prevention is living a quality life.

At the core of the NAPPI program is a deep understanding of prevention. NAPPI’s philosophy and approach revolve around the “NAPPI Green Scale” conceived by our founder, Kurk Lalemand, who recognized the healing power of teaching clients not only the value of living a balanced and productive life, but how to begin on that long, challenging road.

Where better to begin than in a caring, trusting environment, with skilled staff trained in techniques that really work? NAPPI’s real-life tools support your clients’ efforts towards productive work, recreation and relaxation, and their aspirations for the future.

At the same time, our comprehensive approach never ignores the anxiety-provoking triggers in a person’s life. Your clients deserve full acknowledgement of these factors as they benefit from quality, trauma-informed care.

NAPPI teaches the industry’s best physical training to keep staff and clients safe. NAPPI’s “Red Behavior Scale” enables your staff to quickly and easily identify the full array of psychological and physical behavior cues, and respond appropriately. Ultimately, your staff will learn to maintain heightened awareness at work while they build strong relationships and trust among themselves and with those they serve.

NAPPI’s holistic, integrated approach to behavior management was developed with high-level clinical expertise and a sharp eye to the realities of day-to-day operations in organizations like yours. We recognize that your staff do not live in separate bubbles of “work” and “life.” A healthy caregiver has a better chance of helping a patient or student when they “walk the talk.” NAPPI excels at helping staff get in touch with their own strengths as well as their weaknesses, supporting them as they identify areas that need improvement. In this way, NAPPI also helps staff learn to live a balanced life so they can better care for others.

Today, the complexity of cases we see has risen to a dangerous level. Consumers and patients suffering from mental health and substance use disorders is on the rise and therefore it is even more important for caregivers to possess the skills to deploy de-escalation tools in a safe and humane manner.

No two organizations are alike; no two incidents are alike. While NAPPI's standard and advanced behavioral safety training modules are designed to meet all of your requirements for high-quality training, NAPPI is more than a one-size-fits-all service provider. We work with you to customize a training program that meets the unique needs of your organization. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, flexible, and relevant solutions to help your staff respond confidently to the extraordinary situations they face every day.

We’re here to help you and your team work toward a culture of partnership. That is the NAPPI difference.

David B. Farrell

President and CEO