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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

Live in the Green

Mission and Vision

NAPPI is dedicated to providing organizations with superior de-escalation training. We provide consulting and support customized for your unique set of circumstances and informed by our extensive experience in the field.

Our vision is to create a strength-based community atmosphere within each organization, one that shares a common language and employs proactive intervention skills to build positive relationships.

NAPPI teaches safe and humane resolutions to conflict, moving individuals away from a paradigm of control toward a paradigm of cooperation and trust.

Why the Green?

NAPPI is at the top of the field in preventing unwanted behavior in organizational settings. And the best prevention is living a quality life.

At the core of the NAPPI program is a deep understanding of prevention. NAPPI’s philosophy and approach revolve around the “NAPPI Green Scale” conceived by our founder, Kurk Lalemand, who recognized the healing power of teaching clients not only the value of living a balanced and productive life, but also how to begin on that long, challenging road.

You can get an intro to "NAPPI's Green Scale" through our e-training program available to the public.  Visit NAPPI e-training.