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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

Live in the Green

The NAPPI Difference

NAPPI’s impressive professional standing in the industry today is rooted in our reputation for offering behavioral training that is easily implemented in the most challenging environments. NAPPI teaches a common language that unifies organizations, because we recognize that time is a precious commodity when it comes to keeping people safe. We offer customization from a menu of 50 different modules to address your organization’s unique needs.

What further sets NAPPI apart is our keen awareness of shifting societal norms and evolving trends in client care, and our ability to respond fully to these new realities. We are at the forefront of trauma-informed care, and we are committed to ensuring that NAPPI products are current, relevant, and fully effective in today’s world.

Our customers report that implementing the NAPPI philosophy and principles at their organizations and in their communities has resulted in significant positive outcomes. The NAPPI culture creates a safe “community of learning” in which staff are better able to assess, predict and manage client behavior, and clients take more responsibility for their own actions.

NAPPI customers cite increased morale, higher levels of service and commitment, decreased turnover, and reduction in injury and restraint, resulting in higher productivity. See the Testimonials page.