Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training
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"We have been training in NAPPI since January 1995. We have found the NAPPI curriculum to be very practical for any of our staff that have direct and ongoing contact with individuals who are receiving services."

— David Kooi, Community Resource and Training Specialist, Community Mental Health Services, Muskegon, MI

"The common language provided by the NAPPI curriculum has spread through our staff like wildfire, making communication in clinical meetings and incident reports clearer as well as more efficient."

— Kristen Janjar, Director of Training, North Suffolk Mental Health Assoc., Chelsea, MA

"In 35 years at this agency, I have never felt the ‘passion’ to make something happen that I believed so deeply in. That aside—it doesn’t mean diddly without the program you folks have, your flexibility, and communication (not to mention patience, etc.) and a trainer extraordinaire who made our custom training program a success."

— Paul Landerl, LICSW, Howard Center, Burlington, VT

"The NAPPI courses are extremely practical and are easily customized. The instructors are very knowledgeable and received rave reviews from our staff. NAPPI has allowed Security Units, Emergency Departments, and Behavioral Health Units to use a common language and techniques that synergize our team approach in the care of our behavioral health patients. We have built NAPPI into our event reporting system to measure its effects on patient and staff safety."

— Denise Irizarry, RN, BSN, MEd, CEN, Corporate Director, Patient Safety & Clinical Transformation, Catholic Healthcare Partners, Cincinnati, OH

"NAPPI is a framework to assist with guiding someone in a positive direction with the least amount of force, focusing on respect with minimal impact."

— Carolyn Parke, RN, Behavioral Health Director, Mercy Regional Medical Center, Lorain, OH

"NAPPI was one of the most important developments in the culture of community and partnerships at Boston Higashi School."

— Jennifer Lambert, Director of Training and Curriculum, Boston Higashi School for Autism, Boston, MA

"The 40-hour NAPPI Trainers’ Course that I took was, without a doubt, the best civilian training that I have ever received, and it is on par with some of the military courses that I took, too."

— Chris Pollard, Training and Facilities Coordinator, Second Spring, Williamstown, VT

"We just received an Exemplary Performance on our CARF Survey, due in large part to NAPPI. To reduce the incidence of seclusion and restraint, the Harbor’s CSU member staff was trained in NAPPI . . . As a result of using this technique, incidents of restraint and seclusion have significantly decreased (by over 50%) over the last two years."

— Marie Dennis, Compliance/Risk Manager, Harbor Behavioral Health, New Port Richey, FL